"FAIRWOOD" means wood and wood products sourced in a manner that takes into account the conditions of the forest environment and/or the local communities where logging is taking place. Fairwood Partners provides information necessary in order to obtain legal and sustainable timber and consult with our clients in order to help them purchase Fairwood.

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Fairwood Partners Released a New Report on PNG


New report titled "Evaluation of Social and Environmental Risks Accompanying the Procurement of Timber from Papua New Guinea" is available for download.

Fairwood Partners News and Industry News Updated


Recent activities of Fairwood Partners. >>read more
Recent Japanese Industry News
In recovery from the earthquake in March, there are some initiatives to build houses from locally sourced wood and demand for wood is increasing. >>read more

Fairwood Cafe Website Opens!


Fairwood Partners opened a new website "Fairwood Cafe." The aim of this website is to spread the concept of "Fairwood" to consumers.

May 16, 2011
Forest buyout by foreign capital in Japan: total area of 620 ha since 2006
May 10, 2011
Temporary houses made with local wood: support project by Tenryu Wood Industry Cooperative, Shizuoka
May 10, 2011
Price of Sarawak plywood surges due to high demand in Japan
May 9, 2011
Building permanent houses instead of temporary ones: Reconstruction project by Kogakuin University team for strengthening ties among residents
May 3, 2011
Recycling of Tsunami debris to building materials for temporary houses

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