Information gathering and communication relating to the world's forests and Fairwood procurement

- Symposium "How to proceed with wood procurement considering forest environment
Case studies from North America, Europe, and Japan"
Symposium "Current situation of logging in the world and responsibilities of wood consumer country
- Seminar "Responsible businee and green procurement for conservation of world forest" (December 2004 in Tokyo)
- Seminar "FAIRWOOD Construction Seminar" in Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo (Feb - Mar 2006)
- Seminar "FAIRWOOD Construction Seminar" in Fukuoka, Sendai,Tokyo (Oct - Nov 2006)
- FAIR WOOD Study sessions in Tokyo (July - Oct 2007)
  FAIR WOOD Study sessions in Osaka (Jan 2008)
- ITTO Workshop (July 2008)
- Publication of "FAIRWOOD - Wood procurement without destruction of forest" (July 2008)



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